Did you know?

The current front-runner of the Champagne Cork Shoot-Off is Mehdi with a record of 39ft, which he achieved on July 19th, 2023 in celebration of his Neuron paper

Other records in the lab include:

Shannon  37.5ft - NSERC studentship
Mehdi  33.5ft - PhD defense, Alba  33ft - MSc graduation, Sonali  33ft - Internal Studentship from Faculty of Medicine 
Calvin  30ft - IPN studentship, Arkady  16ft, William Dawson Scholars


Canada Day 2017
Champagne Cork Shoot-off celebrating Shannon's scholarship

Goodbye party for Betty

Halloween 2017

First Holiday Party

Goodbye dinner for Meli

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2019
Halloween 2022
Halloween 2023


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